Classical perspectives. Innovative methods. Personal approach.

So you want to improve your writing game....

You've come to the "write" place.

Hi. My name is Katherine, and I'll be your Scribe today!


Writing is a key component to growth and development.

Effective writing and communication benefits us personally and professionally across a number of fields, often in ways we haven't considered: organization, goal setting, root cause analysis, corrective action planning, data analytics, process improvement, branding, sales & marketing. The list goes on and on.

Concise writing targeted to the appropriate audience, and catered to specific objectives, can propel us towards meeting and surpassing the goals we set for ourselves.

"I have a goal or project that I would like to complete myself."

That's great! As your Scribe, I can coach you on best practices, organize an action plan, improve processes, personalize consulting expertise to meet your needs, and see your project to fruition.

"I have a goal or project in mind, but I'd like to allocate it to someone else."

Awesome. I do that, too! Tell me about your project, timeline, and any special requirements. I'll ensure you receive a final product to your liking.